Carol M. Booton, Ph.D. is an independent researcher, author, dissertation coach, and academic editor based in Portland, Oregon.

Are you a doctoral candidate?

I provide coaching services to doctoral candidates in Business, Psychology, and Education who are working on concept papers, dissertation proposals, IRB applications, and dissertation manuscripts. I can assist you with both quantitative and qualitative methods. My objective is to help you obtain approvals, complete your manuscript, prepare your oral defense, and earn your doctorate.

I offer coaching and editing services to help you succeed. I will review your document and offer suggestions for a flat fee (see the pricing page).

Are you an online learner?

If most of your academic experience happens online, you may feel isolated. I know I did. I was an online learner for eight years. During the course work, I was fine working alone, but when I entered the research phase, I found myself wishing I had someone to talk to about my methodology and approach. I was lucky to have a responsive chairperson on my committee. However, I still felt very alone with my questions. Gentle feedback from someone who had walked the path I was walking would have been helpful.

Are you attending a for-profit university?

Some for-profit universities must follow strict guidelines and policies to maintain their accreditation. This means you may not be allowed to choose your dissertation chairperson and committee—your committee will likely be appointed by the institution. Sometimes the result is conflict and dissatisfaction.

Are you satisfied with the attention and feedback you are currently receiving?

I was lucky to have an experienced and responsive chairperson. I have discovered that not everyone is so fortunate. Your chairperson and committee may not provide the kind of feedback you need to move forward. Sometimes just having an outside perspective can help you break through roadblocks. I will coach you to successful completion of your degree by listening, encouraging, cajoling, supporting, and inspiring you to keep taking action toward your goal. I will offer you the lessons I learned from my own experience with the institution, the committee, the reviewers, the approval process, and the research process.

You can find specific guidance in my book, Resubmit! 28 1/2 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Your Dissertation Proposal Approved: Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Dream of Earning a Ph.D.

Who am I?

You can find out more than you probably wanted to know about me on the about page.

Why work with me?

I defended my dissertation at the end of 2013. Since earning my doctorate, I’ve helped dozens of dissertators with the editing of their proposals and dissertation manuscripts.  

I was also a college instructor for ten years at a career college. I taught business courses to students who were anxious about writing and speaking. I understand that not everyone is a natural writer or public speaker, and it can be especially difficult if English is not your first language. I will offer you suggestions, but I never forget that it’s your paper, it’s your work. I will not write your paper for you. If your writing needs improvement, take care of that first. 

I offer a range of services, from a written review of your topic paper, proposal, or dissertation to a range of editing services. See the pricing page for more information.

Can we work together?

Call me for a free 30-minute consultation to find out if you like me. In the meantime, keep  trudging the road toward your happy academic destiny.