People don’t like to talk about money, I’ve noticed. But some of you are probably introverts (like me) and won’t call to find out my rates. So here are some prices to help you calculate your costs.


Editing can be minimal or extensive. The information provided below is to give you some idea of what you can expect when you ask me to edit your thesis, journal article, or dissertation. The edits are tracked with the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word software. When you receive the edited document, you can accept some or all of the changes, as you choose.

Level 1: Copy editing (checking your spelling and grammar, fixing typing errors) is usually USD$0.02 to $0.03  (2  to 3 cents) per word for manuscripts of fewer than 20,000 words. Example: The price to copy edit a 40,000-word dissertation proposal would be approximately USD$800 to $1,200. In my experience, most dissertators need more than just copy editing. If English is not your first language, or you simply didn’t bother to run a spell check, then you can expect the price per word to be on the higher end. If your paper is more than 20,000 words, call or email me for an estimate. Subsequent editing of future versions of the same document will be half whatever the editing cost was for the first round of editing.

Level 2: Line editing (line editing includes copy editing plus applying proper APA formatting and revising structural problems, but not reviewing for substantive content problems) run from USD$0.04 to $0.05 (4 to 5 cents) per word. Example: The price to line edit a 40,000-word dissertation proposal would be approximately USD$1,600. Most dissertators need this level of editing. Subsequent editing of future versions of the same document will be half whatever the editing cost was for the first round of editing.

Level 3: Content editing (content editing includes copy editing, line editing, plus making recommendations for substantive revisions in content, including alignment of problem, purpose, research questions, and methodology) run from USD$0.06-$0.07 (6 to 7 cents per word). Example: The price to content edit a 40,000-word dissertation proposal would be approximately USD$2,000. Subsequent editing of future versions of the same document will be half whatever the editing cost was for the first round of editing. If you think you need this level of support, you should talk to your Dissertation Chair first to find out how you are off track. If you find you aren’t getting the support you need from your Chair or university, that is the time to think about hiring a coach.

Note: Word counts are based on the original count reported by Microsoft Word software, before editing.


Consultation and coaching is USD$1 per minute, with a minimum of $15.00. I offer you the first 30 minutes free. I don’t expect you to sign up for a long commitment or contract. Coaching for a dissertation proposal could involve just one phone conversation or several one-hour phone calls over the course of a few months. You decide.

If you don’t really feel like chatting, no worries. Send me your Word file (.doc or .docx or .rtf, up to 20,000 words). I will review your document, noting the presence of spelling and grammar errors, formatting problems, structural errors, and content/alignment problems. This is a diagnostic assessment of problems that might be preventing reviewers from granting approvals. I will make no revisions to your document; instead, I will write up an extensive list of recommended actions for you to tackle yourself. (As always, my recommendations are suggestions only. Although sometimes I may strongly suggest a particular action, you are always free to make your own choices. ) I can usually provide this written evaluation within 48 hours. Written evaluation and review is a flat fee of USD$150, payable in advance.

PowerPoint and visual design

PowerPoint slide design is USD$50 per hour. If you provide all the content, a 20-slide deck usually takes two to three hours total, including revisions, spread out over a couple days, depending on your schedule and mine. That means a set of slides would cost USD$100 to $150. (Up to three rounds of revisions are included; after that revisions are priced at the hourly rate.)

Please note that you must have permission to use images in your slide deck, especially clip art and photos. Photos found in Microsoft clip art collections and some other online sources are usually available to use free for academic, noncommercial use. Please don’t take images that belong to someone else without permission.

Tables, charts, and graphs are USD$50 per hour. Nothing tells the story like pictures. I can turn your data into attractive, APA-compliant tables, charts, and graphs, which can then be inserted into your manuscript. The images can also be colorized and inserted into your PowerPoint slide deck (which does not have to be APA-compliant).


  • I won’t steal your work.
  • I won’t share your work with anyone else.
  • I will support your scholarly efforts with good cheer and encourage you to do the best work you can so you can achieve your academic writing goals with integrity.


For coaching, your first 30 minutes are free. If you decide you want to talk again, set an appointment with me at your convenience. After we talk, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. If you weren’t happy with my service, don’t pay the invoice. Just send me an email telling me what I can do to improve.

For subsequent phone calls, I will send you a PayPal invoice after our scheduled call.  Please pay the invoice within 72 hours.

For editing projects, I accept payment of at least half the estimated total via PayPal before services are rendered. The balance is due within 72 hours of delivery. Yes, I trust you.

PayPal does not require you to create an account (although after you pay, you’ll be invited to create an account). Use a debit or credit card to make the payment when you receive my invoice.

Warnings and disclaimers

I don’t write your paper for you. I’m happy to talk through your process, help you refine your topic, and wrestle with alignment, but your paper is your own. I will not promote plagiarism of any kind, and if see that you have plagiarized content, either knowingly or unknowingly, I will bring it to your attention so you can fix the problem. If you can’t or won’t fix the plagiarism problem, we’ll have to part ways. I don’t think we’ll get to that point, though, because I know your academic integrity is important to you. I want to help you maintain it, so you can be proud of your scholarly accomplishments.